Dear Friends,

Change defines life, and the study of change in the environment is integral to successful conservation. At Point Blue Conservation Science (Point Blue), we have been studying change since our founding as Point Reyes Bird Observatory in 1965.

In recent years, environmental change has taken on new and ominous associations as its impacts on ecosystems, wildlife and human societies are evident around the world. We are at a pivotal moment in the history of life on our planet.

To help birds, other wildlife and our communities thrive in the decades ahead, Point Blue is working to understand and protect nature's benefits—such as fresh water, fisheries, flood control, and carbon sequestration—through "climate-smart" conservation science.

Climate-smart conservation addresses climate change along with habitat loss, pollution and other environmental threats while promoting nature-based solutions to benefit wildlife and people.

Following are our top priorities and a sampling of what we will achieve over the next five years with your help!

Your most generous year-end gift helps bring back the water on working lands for birds, other wildlife and people.

Securing Water and Wildlife on Working Lands

To increase groundwater, stream flows, soil carbon, healthy habitats and bottom lines on crop, grazing and timber lands, Point Blue scientists are advancing wildlife-friendly practices. We work hand-in-hand with over 300 ranchers, farmers, and foresters as well as the Natural Resources Conservation Service, USDA Forest Service and others.

By 2019, we will:


Protecting our Shorelines

In response to increasingly severe storms and rising sea levels, Point Blue scientists are identifying the best places and practices to safeguard our coastal wetlands, streams, dunes and beaches. Working with multiple stakeholders, we are developing solutions to best protect wildlife and human communities.

By 2019, we will:


With your help we will protect ocean food webs for seabirds, whales, salmon and our coastal communities.

Conserving Ocean Food Webs

Climate change, alternative energy development and increased shipping traffic are among the growing threats to seabirds, whales, salmon and other marine wildlife. Partnering with public agencies, NGOs, universities, and fishing and shipping industries, Point Blue scientists are assessing ocean health and prioritizing marine food webs for protection to give marine wildlife more time to adapt.

By 2019, we will:


Catalyzing Climate-Smart Restoration

Working with local communities, we are testing climate-smart restoration strategies to better sustain nature's benefits in the face of more extremes.

By 2019, we will:


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Making Conservation Policies and Plans Climate-Smart

Point Blue is helping land, water and wildlife management agencies and collaboratives, from local municipalities and regional partnerships to international commissions, incorporate climate-smart conservation science and principles into their plans, policies and actions.

By 2019, we will:


Training the Next Generation

Point Blue provides hands-on training for our future scientists and educators equipping them with climate-smart tools to protect nature's benefits and wildlife for their children and grandchildren. These young people, from all corners of the world, are gaining the knowledge and skills needed to pursue careers in conservation and steward nature for a healthy planet.

By 2019, we will:


Thank you for supporting our innovative climate-smart conservation science, extensive public and private partnerships, and pioneering training and outreach programs. Your generous support is making the world a better place for birds, other wildlife and us all.

Thank you for making Point Blue's innovations possible with your most generous year-end gift today!

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Ellie M. Cohen President and CEO

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