Your gifts make it possible for Point Blue Conservation Science to reduce the negative impacts of changes in land use, climate, and the ocean on birds and ecosystems.

Point Blue is deeply grateful to Point Reyes National Seashore, the Farallon National Wildlife Refuge, and Cordell Bank and Greater Farallones National Marine Sanctuaries for providing facilities and field stations where we work.

FARALLON PATROL Our Farallon Islands Program relies upon the skills and generosity of volunteer skippers in the Farallon Patrol. They provide essential transportation year-round between the mainland and our research station at the Farallon National Wildlife Refuge. We acknowledge all Patrol skippers in our Annual Report, and we thank those who made runs during each calendar year in the winter issue of the Point Blue Quarterly.


We are very grateful to the following supporters for gifts of $250 and more (April 1 to February 28, 2016):

11th Hour Project

Cheryl and Alan Abel

Janet and Bruce Allen

Thomas R. Anderson

Anonymous (17)

Apple Matching Gifts Program

Harold C. Appleton

Arising Fund

Arntz Family Foundation


Bank of Marin

Bank of the West

Carroll and Susanne Barrymore

Richard and Marilyn Bates

Dan Battagin

Bob Battagin

Don and Barbara Bauer

Alan and Janet Baumann

Anne W. Baxter

Lorraine Bazan and Chris Stover

Katie Beacock

Katharine Beale

Bear Gulch Foundation

Pierre Beaurang

S. D. Bechtel, Jr. Foundation

Thomas C. Benet

Bently Foundation

Dale Berner and Cheryl Ishida

Dr. and Mrs. George Bing


Blackie Foundation

Jerome and Judy Blackman

Yvonne and Norfleet Blaine

Margaret and Thomas Blankenship

Aubrey Blue

Eleanor Boba and Alan Humphrey

Bonnell Cove Foundation

L & L Borok Foundation

Avis Boutell and Alice Miller

Mr. and Mrs. Robert K. Brandriff

Ruth H. Brandt

Julie Brannan

Bransford Farm

Robert and Irene Brown

Phyllis Browning

Karl Sporer and Arden Bucklin-Sporer

Joelle Buffa and Clyde Morris

Mark Butler and Mary Anne Rotella

Lincoln Bynum and Lannie Tonti

Susan Caldwell

California Native Plant Society - Marin Chapter

California Rice Commission

Frank A. Campini Foundation

Sue Carlisle

Allen Carlson

Michael C. Carver

Carlton Caves and Karen Kahn

Anne Chadwick Charitable Fund

Elizabeth G. Chamberlain

Dr. Theodore Chase Jr.

Chevron Corporation (Humankind)

Eunice Childs

Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Choy

Christiano Family Fund

Donald and Jillian Clark

Everett Clark

Estate of Huldie Schoener Clark

Carole and Peter Clum

Terry and Zeo Coddington

Megan Colwell and Bonnie Stewart

Susana Conde and Einar Enevoldson

Sue Conley and Ms. Nan Haynes

Jean Conner

Paul Cooley

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Coon

Janelle and Gary Cortese

Cowgirl Creamery

Joyce and Bill Cox

CrankStart Foundation

Constance Crawford

Crazy-hot Solutions, LLC

Richard A. Cuneo

Rigdon Currie and Trish Johnson

Elizabeth Dakin

Linda De Lucchi and Larry Malone

Electra de Peyster

Carole E. Deitrich

Joan Demer

Carol and Robert Dettling

Paul Devine

Lokelani Devone and Annette Brands

Gerald L. Dickinson

Thelma Doelger Trust for Animals

John and Sara Donnelly

Daniel and Lee Drake

Kenneth Drexler and Sarah Leach

Cliff Drowley

Judith J. Dugan

Wayne Dyer

John M. Eadie, PhD

Edith and Jeb Eddy

Martha Ehmann Conte

Pat and Ted Eliot

Christine Engel and Hugh Helm

Enterprise Holdings Foundation

Mr. Robert J. Erickson

Expeditionary Learning

Firedoll Foundation

Fischer Family Fund

Myriam and Joel Fontaine

William and Karen Foss

Friends of the San Pablo Bay NWR

Fullerton Family Foundation

Richard and Luisianna Gale

Ana Galutera

Geoffrey Geupel and Janet Kjelmyr

Jerry Ghirardo

William Glenn and Prescott Hafner

Brian Goldston

Dr. John C. Good and Dr. Janet E. Arnesty

Geoffrey Gordon-Creed and Jean Fraser

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Gottesman

Richard Grand Foundation

Patricia Greene

Aimee Greenebaum

Dorothy D. Gregor

Donald M. Gregory Jr.

The Griffith Family Foundation

Sherman Gromme

Teresita Haag

Dolores M. Hansen

Dean and Nancy Hanson

Jack and Deyea Harper

Scott and Claudia Hein

Louise Henriksen

John and Hermi Hiatt

Shirley Hicklin Fund at Marin Community Foundation

Gail Hillebrand and Hugh Barroll

Jane Hoe

Hog Island Oyster Company

Debra and Herbert Holt

Richard Honey and JoAnne Kipp

Dr. and Mrs. Richard Horrigan

Julie Howar

Donald K. Howard Jr.

Phyllis Humple

IBM Corporation

Diane Ichiyasu

Ellie C. Insley

Ellen Jacobs

John H. and Jane Johnson, Jr.

Dwight L. Johnson

Jeffory Jolin

Jack and Marilyn Jones

Thomas and Elizabeth M. Jones, III

Robert and Linda Judd

Mr. and Mrs. David Junkin II

Brewster Kahle and Mary Austin

Teke and Elizabeth Kelley

Patricia Kelso

James and Nancy Kelso

Kennedy Jenks Consultants

Arthur Kern

Jeffrey Kimball and Pamela Hogan

Kimball Foundation

Mr. and Mrs. Harvey King

Patricia Kline

Peter Knapp

Margaret Kolar

Ellen F. Krebs

Karen and Robert Kustel

Peter and Sue La Tourrette

Andy Lacasse

Jack and Adrienne Ladd

Lagunitas Brewing Company

Jude and Eileen Laspa

Susanne Lawrenz-Miller

Lamar Leland

Lawrence Leong and Janice Pratte

Robin L. C. Leong

The Libra Foundation

Local Independent Charities of America

Mr. David A. Loeb

Don Love and Helene Marsh

Linda Lowenstine and Richard Lander

Ewan Macdonald and Kirsten Walker Macdonald

Neil MacPhail

Ron and Amanda Mallory

The Raymond L. Manley and Annmarie E. Manley 1990 Trust

Thomas and Danelle Mann

March Conservation Fund

Marisla Foundation

Steve Marsh and Jean Buckley

Helene Marsh and Don Love

Mylon Marshall

Michael Martin and Laura Holms

Bob and Sandy Mauceli

Dorothy Mayer

Miles and Mary Ellen McKey

Elaine McKinley and Kit Durgin

Kathryn K. McNeil

Giles W. & Elise G. Mead Foundation

Michael Mecham

Purple Lady / Barbara J. Meislin Fund

Helen and Thomas Merigan Charitable Trust

Susanne and John Methvin


Mission Avenue School

Mitchel Family Fund

Moore Family Foundation

Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation

Mary C. Morgan

Michael Nelligan

New Belgium Brewing Company

Nikon Precision Inc.

Peter and Kristan Norvig

Benjamin Olewine IV

Susan and Franklin Orr

Verna Osborn

Nancy Otto

Outrageous Foundation

Pacific Gas and Electric Company

Pacific Life Foundation

The David and Lucile Packard Foundation

Painter Executive Search, Inc.

Peter Parham

Helen Parker

Benjamin and Ruthmary Parmeter

Michelle Parodi Knight

Patagonia, Inc.

Elizabeth Patterson

Elinor Patterson Baker Trust

R. Thomas Goodrich and Rebecca Patton

Carolyn H. Pendery

Perotti & Carrade

Nadine Peterson and Michael Tuciarone

Petit Teton Foundation

George S. Peyton Jr.

Regina Phelps

Pisces Foundation

Ms. Frances B. Pope

Sarah Powell and Christopher Knight

Patricia and Tim Preston

James F. Quinn, PhD and Flossie Hoffman

Ramboll Environ US Corporation

John and Cynthia Rathkey

Redwood Region Ornithological Society

RHE Charitable Foundation

Jon and Carol Richards

Robert Righter

Micah Rimer

Dorothy & Jonathan Rintels Charitable Foundation

Deborah Robbins

Hugh and Cianne Roberts

Estate of Jacqueline L. Robertson

Michael Rosauer

Mr. and Mrs. Steve Rosenblatt

John Rotenberry PhD

Arthur and Lois Roth

Judith Rothman

Mary Jean and Bob Rumer

James Salzman

San Francisco Bay Wildlife Society

The San Francisco Foundation

Ed and Michelle Sarti

Kenneth and Marjorie Sauer

Ken Schneider

Anne J. Schneider Fund

Joyce and Jim Schnobrich

Schrader- Robertson Family Fund

Kay Schroer

Schwab Charitable Fund

Susan Schwartz

Olivia and Craig Sears

Cyndy Shafer and Michael Nelson

The Shark Trust

Leon and Peggy Sharyon

Shasta Wildlife Conservation Foundation

Martin and Karen Shore

Harmon Shragge

Alec Shuldiner and Talia Friedman

Robert and Joni Shwarts

Laurens H. Silver

SJB Summer Enrichment Program

Sara and Bill Snyder

Sonoma Custom Tile

Sue and Bob Spofford

Gary and Sharon Stacey

Lynne Stanley and Christopher Elliott

Stanley Stavish

Jerry and Judith Steenhoven

Langdon Stevenson and Mary Farr

Mrs. Ann Stone

Matthew and Polly Stone

The Biz and Livia Stone Foundation

Marilyn M. Strand

Joe Straton

Ellen and Jim Strauss

Mary Stroh-Twichell and Chuck Twichell

Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Suzuki

Christina Swanson

Marcia S. Syufy

Dr. and Mrs. Bill Talmage

Mrs. Anne Teller

John Thacher

Steve and Britt Thal


Rick Theis

David J. Thomas

Michelle Thomas

Ian Thompson

Samuel and Julia Thoron

Richard and Nancy Tietz

Gary and Mary Tietz

TomKat Charitable Trust

Topaz Solar Farm LLC

Miklos and Maud Udvardy Endowment Fund

John F. Ungar

University of San Francisco

Steve Vallarino and Raini Sugg

Susan Lee Vick

The Volgenau Foundation

Tanis Walters

Cynthia Wayburn

Craig and Connie Weatherup

Charles Wegerle

Rona Weintraub

Janet Wessel

The Reverend Jan H. West and Mr. Herbert A. West

Katherine D. Wheeler

Peter and Dolores White

White Family Trust

Marian and Carl Wilcox

Lance C. Williams

Mason Willrich

Mr. and Mrs. John Wilson

Kathleen and Russell Winter

Christine Wolfe

Rachel Woodard

Elizabeth and Thomas Young

Mr. and Mrs. Leland Younker

Wanda Yurkunas Sarti

Matthew and JoAnn Zlatunich



We are grateful for the following memorial and honoring gifts (April 1 to February 29, 2016):

In Honor of:   In Memory of:    

Ryan Berger      

Richard A. Cuneo

Barbara J. Brown

Owen and Alison Brown

Ryan D. Burnett

Valarie and Riley Neel

Ellie M. Cohen  

Lokelani Devone and Annette Brands

Louisa Conte     

Martha Ehmann Conte

Peter Conte

Martha Ehmann Conte

Sophie Conte

Martha Ehmann Conte

William Conte

Martha Ehmann Conte

Parker Crenshaw

Chris Crenshaw

Ryan and Marianne DiGaudio

Nancy and Paul DiGaudio

Budski Ehmann

Martha Ehmann Conte

Joan Ehmann

Martha Ehmann Conte

Megan Elrod       and Mark Dettling

Carol and Robert Dettling

Carol and Charles Elrod

Carleton Eyster 

Russ and Suzi Bennett

Avis Boutell and Alice Miller

Leslie Flint         

John and Christine Ward

Graham Gardner

Paul and Marilyn Gardner

Geoffrey Geupel

Robin L. C. Leong

Carol Heiman-Greene

Laura Heiman

Ben Hodgson    

Sheila Kelley

Emily H. Johnson

Sue and Bob Spofford

Bill Junor

Susan Wider

Drew Mealor      

Joan Demer

Debby L. Cohen Molloy

Ellie Cohen and Miki Goralsky

Doug Moody      

Linda Alden Swanson

C. John Ralph

Norbert and Catharine Ralph

Gayle Rohrbasser         

Gina Harris

Andy Rumer      

Mary Jean and Bob Rumer

Maggie Seely     

June Hyde

Jonathan Shore

Martin and Karen Shore

William Shore

Martin and Karen Shore

Henrik Shragge 

Harmon and Jorun Shragge

Jenny Sortino    

Joy Phoenix

Kathryn W. Vick

Susan Lee Vick

Michael Allen    

Emily Allen

Angela Moskow

Deborah Anapol

Sonia Urbom

Helene Belz

Virginia and Pierre Chomat

Jane Blaisdell

Tom Blaisdell

Robert Boehm

Katharine Beale

Darren Bohan

Rosemary Spyhalsky

Howell Breece

Joan Breece

Helen Burns      

Mrs. Shirley Sekioka

Richard Dwyer

Jennifer Ann Vallee

Ryan Hoe

Jane Hoe

Jack Jones

Collin Cochrane

Mary Eriffin-Jones

Ewan Macdonald and Kirsten Walker Macdonald

Duane A. Lea

Ms. Anna Marie Bovill Lea

Jeffrey R. Maurer

Christopher M. Tonra

Rita K. Rajagopalan

Venkataraman Rajagopalan

Loretta Ruby

Paul Ruby

Edward J. Sarti

Ed and Michelle Sarti

Tony Sklarew

Ellie Cohen and Miki Goralsky

Matthew D. Solem

Joy and David Solem


Rich Stallcup

Sarah Allen and Dudley Miller

Pierre Beaurang

Ms. Phyllis Browning

Dr. Erica Buhrmann

Sandra and Robert Chilvers

Mary Anne Cowperthwaite

Gary and Pamela Donkin

Mark Eaton

Leslie Endicott

Phyllis Faber

Scott and Claudia Hein

Alan Hopkins

Gene and Nancy Hunn

Marcia Johnson

Dennis Jongsomjit

Karen Lemay

Susanne and John Methvin

Peter J. Metropulos and Katherine Simmonds

Dr. Harold Newman

Paul and Barbara O'Brien

Carolyn H. Pendery

Mark J. Rauzon

Cyndy Shafer and Michael Nelson

Kay G. Sibary

Toby Symington

Gretchen Whisenand

Nancy Swadesh

Robert J. Erickson

James K. Wilson

Kay Wilson

Douglas M. Young

Steve and Gretchen Peterson