How awe-inspiring it is to watch a flock of Sandhill Cranes take flight from a rice field, walk humbly through an ancient redwood forest, or gaze out in wonder at distant spouting whales. There’s no doubt that we humans are deeply drawn to nature. Experiencing the natural world restores, reinvigorates, and reconnects us to the Earth.

Join us in putting nature first and support conservation now.

But nature’s value is so much more than inspiring moments of solitude and beauty—all life depends on it. That’s why at Point Blue, we put nature first. Thanks to your generous support, we are applying our renowned conservation science to test nature-based approaches that benefit wildlife and our communities.

Earth’s changing climate, loss of habitat, and species extinction are threatening the very fabric of life. The good news is that we can restore and preserve nature’s health, to reverse these impacts. With your generous support to Point Blue today, we will secure our future, for wildlife and people.

Together We Are Champions For Nature

Make a generous gift to Point Blue today and be a champion for a healthy blue planet. Together we will address the threats we face and the progress we are making. Together we will develop—and scale up—nature-based solutions to address the significant environmental challenges of our time.

Nature-based approaches that address water, carbon, birds and biodiversity, as well as our communities, are essential to securing our future. Strengthening these strategies is at the core of Point Blue’s climate-smart conservation science.

Point Blue scientists are working with farmers, ranchers, foresters, conservation organizations, and government agencies to advance wildlife and water-friendly practices across California.

Your Support Makes a Difference

Your support helps restore watersheds—to reduce flooding, create cleaner water, provide habitat for birds, fish and other wildlife, and prepare for the consequences of climate change.

From San Francisco Bay to Latin America, our collaborative science is identifying the best places and practices for safeguarding our coasts from sea-level rise and increasing storms. We are taking the pulse of the ocean and guiding protection of seabirds, whales and other marine wildlife, giving them more time to adapt to a changing marine environment.

Your support enables us to continue our pioneering leadership in climate-smart conservation, helping decision makers sustain vibrant ecosystems.

Your generosity helps Point Blue empower aspiring young conservation scientists and educators to become the next generation of nature’s champions!

Invest In a Healthy Future

Thank you for making Point Blue’s conservation science for nature’s health possible for over 50 years.

Thank you for helping us curate over one billion ecological observations and making that knowledge accessible around the globe to sustain a healthy blue planet.

Thank you for investing in a healthy future for us all. Please make a gift today to put nature first for wildlife and people!