By giving generously today, you can turn science into action for a healthy future

Turning science into action to benefit nature and people is at the essence of Point Blue’s efforts.

Life on Earth is precious but Earth’s ability to support life is changing. The thriving, sustainable planet that we envision will take the collaborative efforts of scientists, policy makers, resource managers, land owners, fishermen, schoolchildren, local communities—and the support of friends like you.

Thank you for making your most generous year-end gift today to secure a healthy future for us all.

Support bold science solutions

Your generous gift today supports bold approaches to complex questions. Point Blue, along with USGS, NOAA, and others, developed Our Coast Our Future (OCOF), California’s leading decision support tool helping local governments, land use planners, and natural resource managers prepare for rising seas and storm surges.

We are maximizing the benefits of a limited water supply in California’s Central Valley, where every drop of water is managed. Our sophisticated new system uses NASA satellite data to map where the water is and where it might be moved, to benefit birds, other wildlife,
groundwater recharge, and agriculture.

Working across 12 Pacific coast nations, we are also connecting migratory pathways, cultures, and science for climate-smart shorebird and shoreline protection. Thanks to your support, we will continue our leadership in shared science approaches, helping ensure that data collected across the Americas are useful across borders of all kinds.

Support scientist-landowner partnerships for healthy lands

Your generosity supports healthy lands conservation from the Sierra to the coast, a model for the world! With your gift, we will continue our unique scientist–landowner partnerships to reimagine how our landscapes can produce multiple benefits for people and nature.

We are evaluating practices to increase soil health, water retention, carbon sequestration, bird and plant diversity, and economic viability, working with the Natural Resources Conservation Service as well as over 1,000 ranchers, farmers, and other landowners. With more than one third of the world’s land being used for grazing, rangeland management will be key to securing a safe climate.

Point Blue is expanding climate-smart restoration of streams and meadows, engaging students, teachers, land trusts, ranchers, other NGOs, and local communities from the coast to the Sierra Nevada.

Support ocean science for a healthy planet

Your support enables Point Blue scientists to protect marine food webs and develop climate-smart solutions to keep our oceans healthy.

We will continue taking the ocean’s “pulse” by studying seabirds, krill, fish, whales, and other wildlife to understand and improve ocean health. Together we will continue to tackle issues like whale mortality from ship strikes and entanglements. Together, we will continue to guide human uses of the ocean for win-win solutions.

Thank you for making your most generous gift today. Together we are reimagining what’s possible to secure a healthy blue planet.

Your gift of cash, securities, and/or property fuels our success. For more information, please contact Jennifer Niedermeyer, Director of Advancement, at 707.781.2556 or

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