There's an app for that, but people power is still needed.

Donate today to support Point Blue's work to compile and deliver critical information collected by innovative new apps to the people who need it the most.

Endangered whales are needlessly being hit and killed by ship strikes each year along the West Coast of the United States.  Prime collision areas are concentrated around busy shipping lanes in the San Francisco and Channel Islands regions.  Point Blue has teamed up with Channel Islands, Cordell Bank, and Gulf of the Farallones National Marine Sanctuaries as well as Conserve.IO and International Fund for Animal Welfare to use innovative apps that harness the power of nature lovers, fishers, and mariners to identify whale hotspots and inform resource managers and the coast guard.  

The apps have been created and people are using them, but the work doesn't stop there. Information collected by the apps needs to be processed and delivered to management agencies so they can act and help the whales.  That's where we come in and that's where your support is needed most today.  

Learn more about this partnership effort and download the apps by visiting the Whale Alert-West Coast website.