At Point Blue, we believe that science works best when everyone contributes, so we’ve worked to expand the number of women in science and leadership roles. We’re helping to pave the way for our vibrant community of women scientists, educators, volunteer leaders, and partners. Today half of our staff scientists are women!  For more on Point Blue and women in conservation science, see our latest Quarterly.

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Your gift will support leaders like Catherine Hickey, our Conservation Director for Point Blue’s Pacific Coast and Central Valley Group. Catherine works closely with state and federal agencies, water districts, private landowners, conservation NGOs and other partners to protect water and habitat for wildlife. Her efforts help bridge cultural, geographic and political differences, finding common ground to advance conservation in our quickly changing world.

Help researchers find answers to complex questions

As a Senior Research Ecologist, Kristy Dybala, PhD, looks for clues hidden in shorebird population surveys, satellite imagery, and other data to discover the effects climate change has on bird communities and the ecosystems they rely on. Kristy’s work enables National Wildlife Refuge managers and other partners to create management plans and restoration designs that maximize nature’s benefits for birds, other wildlife, and people.

Empower conservation education for girls

Help conservation educators like Gina Graziano inspire hundreds of girls each year to become the future stewards of our natural world. Gina empowers students in Point Blue’s STRAW (Students and Teachers Restoring A Watershed) Program to see themselves as part of the solution to climate change with hands-on ecosystem restoration and environmental education. Help Gina equip girls with the tools to face the complex environmental challenges ahead by giving generously today!

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In these changing times, it’s more important than ever to recognize and support the work of women in conservation science. Together we will develop and test innovative solutions to the ecological challenges of our time for lasting benefits.

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