Point Blue offers on-site explorations of our cutting-edge field studies and projects.  These walks are a way for our supporters to learn first-hand about the work we are doing, interact with our staff, and become ambassadors for ecosystem conservation.

Most of our walks are member-exclusive. If you're not a member, you can join  when you sign up. Check out the schedule below.

Just about all of our walks require sign-up.  Click on the links below or contact Lishka Arata, Communications Coordinator, at larata@pointblue.org or 707-781-2555 ext 354 to sign up for walks.  Please include all the names of the attendees who would like to sign up.  Most walks will have a maximum sign-up limit of 15 people and a minimum of 5.   

To determine if a Point Blue walk is canceled, please call (707) 781-2555, ext 355. RAIN CANCELS.

Point Blue urges birders and wildlife watchers to act responsibly while viewing birds and other wildlife. Please heed restrictions on access to land, respect nesting birds, and avoid disturbing birds and other wildlife while you are viewing them. For more information you can review the American Birding Association's code of ethics.


2017 Walk Schedule*

*Walks subject to change dependent upon weather, staff availability and unforseeable circumstances.  If you sign up for a walk you will be notified of any changes.  Check back regularly and also check the hotline above.


Sunday, December 3, 2017: Winter Waterbirds of the Sacramento-San Joaquin River Delta, 9am-1pm.  Join Point Blue ecologists in the wetlands of the San Francisco Bay Delta at Staten Island to learn about our long-term involvement in monitoring and guiding habitat management for wintering waterbirds.  The Delta is vitally important for California's water supply, agricultural activities and wildlife.  A large proportion of the state's Pacific Flyway migratory water birds rely on the region's agricultural fields and wetlands and astonishing numbers of waterbirds can be viewed in the winter months.  There are a number of challenges this area faces now with drought, increasing demands for water with an increasing human population, and the effects of climate change.  Come learn how Point Blue is using science to help guide management for ecosystem resilience using birds as indicators.  Meeting location to be announced, upon sign-up.

Members only walkBecome a member of Point Blue to attend.
Sign up required by 11/28/17. Click here or contact Lishka Arata, Communications Coordinator, at larata@pointblue.org or 707-781-2555 ext 354 to sign up. 

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