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Quarterly Journal of PRBO Conservation Science, Number 135, Winter 2004: Joint Ventures


Restoring songbird habitats

Riparian Network

Ann Chrisney

Joint Ventures
Sonoran Desert Joint Venture
Marine Bird Conservation
A Proposed Joint Venture at Sea
Central Valley Habitat Joint Venture
Riparian Habitat Joint Venture
San Francisco Bay Joint Venture
Seabird Awareness
Bird Bio
Focus on Black Brant
John L. Jones
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Grand List

Yellow Warbler. Photo © Peter LaTourrette.
Loss of riparian habitat is the single greatest cause of recent declines in songbird populations in the western U.S. New possibilities for preserving this critical habitat--through partnerships--prompted California Partners In Flight in 1994 to launch the Riparian Habitat Joint Venture, modeled on the waterfowl JVs but funded solely by its member organizations.

Current priorities include projects on the Sacramento, Owens, South Fork Kern, San Joaquin, and other California rivers. The Riparian Bird Conservation Plan, summarizing current scientific knowledge on the requirements of 14 focal bird species, provides recommendations for habitat management and monitoring; the new Version 2 is available at

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