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Quarterly Journal of PRBO Conservation Science, Number 135, Winter 2004: Joint Ventures


PRBO's new San Francisco Bay Research Center and headquarters

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Ellie M. Cohen

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Tidal Marsh Song Sparrows are PRBO study species in Bay marshland under restoration. Photo copyright Peter LaTourrette.
Our search for PRBO's new San Francisco Bay Research Center and Headquarters continues! Following the precedents set by PRBO's world-renowned Farallon Island and Palomarin Field Stations, we plan to establish a long-term research station on San Francisco Bay. The Center will significantly enhance our ability to contribute to the conservation of the San Francisco Bay Estuary--one of the most important wetlands for birds in the Western Hemisphere--while also advancing our "conservation through science" throughout the West.

We are now considering several options, including the possibility of buying property adjacent to one of the major wetlands restoration sites in the northern San Francisco Bay area--the Bel Marin Keys/Hamilton wetlands in Marin County (A, on map) or a Sonoma County baylands site (B) in partnership with Sonoma Land Trust. These sites with others will form one of the largest contiguous tidal habitat restorations in the United States.

Northern San Francisco Bay locations where PRBO's new facilities search is focused.

We are very grateful to those of you who have called with ideas, suggestions, and creative pledges of support. This is an exciting opportunity for PRBO, but we will need your support to make this a reality. If you have any suggestions, property donations, or other assistance, please contact me at or 415-868-1221, ext. 318.

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