PRBO Conservation Science
Quarterly Journal of PRBO Conservation Science, Number 135, Winter 2004: Joint Ventures


The Grand List

Joint Ventures
Sonoran Desert Joint Venture
Marine Bird Conservation
A Proposed Joint Venture at Sea
Central Valley Habitat Joint Venture
Riparian Habitat Joint Venture
San Francisco Bay Joint Venture
Seabird Awareness
Bird Bio
Focus on Black Brant
John L. Jones
Facilities Search
Grand List

The Grand List highlights some of PRBO's current priority needs. If you can help in any way, please contact Sarah Huard (415-868-1221, ext. 324).
  • Seabird Conservation Internships: Supports an intern in PRBO studies on Año Nuevo or the Farallon Islands, to conserve threatened cavity-nesting seabirds. Cost: $7,500 for six-month ($1,250 one-month) internship
  • Nest Cameras for Palomarin: Help monitor nests remotely, identify causes of nest failure, identify nest predators, and allow the public to view and monitor nests over the Web. Cost: $7,000 (includes satellite access)
  • Shorebird Conservation--Monitoring Equipment: Scopes, rangefinders, and GPS units for research on shorebirds in the Central Valley of California. Cost: $5,000

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