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Dorothy Hunt, a PRBO Founder and Friend

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Dorothy Hunt. Photo by Lowell Hill
One of PRBO's founding members, and a recipient this year of our Founder's Conservation Leadership Award, is also a generous contributor to PRBO's future stability and strength. Dorothy Hunt has designated PRBO a major beneficiary of her estate, for which we are extremely grateful.

A resident of Monterey, California, Dorothy explains her loyalty to PRBO over our entire 40-year history. "It's such a great organization to be associated with, and the reason why is the people. When PRBO first started, Dick Mewaldt was involved, and he was a remarkable man--a professor at San Jose State and just a wonderful teacher and leader."

In the 1960s, Dorothy was already a member in good standing of the Western Bird Banding Association (WBBA), led by Dr. Mewaldt. The group established PRBO's first permanent facility, now Palomarin Field Station, to conduct bird-banding studies.

"We had no idea when PRBO started that it would become so large and influential. It's wonderful to see how PRBO has developed over the years! I have learned so much at PRBO meetings and events, and I follow all the new developments at the organization."

Rich Stallcup, who also received a Founder's Award in 2005, says "I always looked forward to seeing Dorothy at meetings and field events--and she was always there. It's an honor to share the Founders Award with her."

Executive Director Ellie M. Cohen values Dorothy's loyal friendship, saying, "She herself recalls giving $100 to support PRBO at the very beginning (a large amount then!), and Dorothy has continually been generous toward PRBO. Dorothy Hunt is a jewel of a person and an inspiration to us all."

For Dorothy, a personal relationship with PRBO remains the strongest factor for her ongoing involvement. She says, "I'm very glad to have an organization that I support so much."

Her generosity enables PRBO to contribute exciting and important new knowledge about birds and the ecosystems we share.Please join Dorothy Hunt and other members of the Tern Society by including PRBO in your estate planning!

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