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Quarterly Journal of PRBO Conservation Science, Number 143, Winter 2006: PRBO's Internship Program


New heights of achievement at our San Francisco Bay Research Center

Invaluable Conservation Contributions--Lasting a Lifetime

Ellie M. Cohen

PRBO's Internship Program
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The view from PRBO's new headquarters.
As the saying goes, nothing is permanent except change. Yet there are some things that do last a lifetime--such as an unforgettable, hands-on, field training experience at PRBO.

This issue of the Observer highlights PRBO's remarkable Conservation Biology Internship program, which has permanently changed the lives of more than 1,000 young people. Many have subsequently become highly respected conservation leaders in universities, public agencies and nonprofits, in the U.S. and abroad.

And many of our interns have assumed leadership roles right here at PRBO. Some came with backgrounds in biology; others came with experience in English, psychology, anthropology, and even drama. All these backgrounds ultimately prove useful in our work!PRBO interns collect standardized data on birds, other wildlife, and related ecosystem factors ranging from vegetation characteristics to weather statistics. Taken together, these data fuel our renowned research and innovative tools for conservation.

Working with scores of motivated interns each year, and led by PRBO's talented scientists, we are certain to reach new heights of conservation achievement thanks to the professional facilities that our new San Francisco Bay Research Center offers.

In addition to wireless computer workstations for interns, the new Center will provide a cutting-edge communications infrastructure to store, analyze and share the enormous long-term datasets that interns have helped PRBO amass over the years. The new technology will allow PRBO scientists and our partners to more easily mine this treasure trove of data, in search of new regional and global conservation solutions.

PRBO's internship program continues to have a lifelong impact, not only on its participants but on all of us who work with them and rely on their invaluable conservation contributions!

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