PRBO Conservation Science
Quarterly Journal of PRBO Conservation Science, Number 150, Fall 2007: Units of Conservation: Single Species to Ecosystems


The Grand List

Units of Conservation
Glossary of Terms
CEO's column
Snowy Plovers and Sandy Coastline
Sierran Forest Focal Birds
Marine Ecosystem Research
Ecosystem-based Management
PRBO News and Highlights
Remembering Bob Mayer
Focus on Black Rail Habitat
Latin American Intern Story
Bird-A-Thon 2007
The Grand List

For information on how you can help fund the following priority PRBO projects, please contact Nancy Gamble at 707-781-2554 or

Thank you!

Climate change, fishing, and ecosystem health. To support students in our work with local fishers and government agencies, providing ecological assessments to improve marine conservation. Cost—$5,000 for each of six students

Monitoring top predators in a newly modified marine protected area. To use our predator-based sampling techniques and collaborate with local fishers in monitoring the Vandenberg State Marine Reserve in Central California. Cost—three fishing-boat trips at $7,500 each; five months of seabird/marine mammal monitoring at $5,000/month

San Francisco Bay tidal marsh and mudflat restoration. To furnish an interactive web tool giving partners and the public access to PRBO information about how well each marsh site provides for birds—helping prioritize and evaluate restoration projects. Cost—$40,000

Training the next generation of conservation scientists. To provide subsistence stipends for interns learning the methods and practice of conservation science while contributing to long-term data collection. Cost for each internship—$5,000

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