PRBO Conservation Science
Quarterly Journal of PRBO Conservation Science, Number 151, Winter 2008: The Science of Oil Spill Assessment


The Grand List

Securing Oil Spill Data
CEO's Column
Cosco Busan Damage Assessment
PRBO's Oil Spill Expertise
Assessing Population Impacts
Protecting the Farallon Islands
Western Grebe Genetic Study
Schoolchildren Take Action
Focus: A Birder's Library
Views of a Planned Giving Expert
PRBO's New Chief Science Officer
The Grand List
Bird-A-Thon Update

For information on how you can help fund the following priority PRBO projects, please contact Nancy Gamble at 707-781-2554 or Thank you!

Marine Conservation in the Face of Changing Ocean-Climate. To support intern field biologists on Año Nuevo and Alcatraz islands, helping PRBO develop effective conservation approaches at an ecosystem level in a changing marine climate. Cost—$1,500/month per intern

PRBO's Reference Library. To develop a collection of books pertaining to climate change. Cost—$1,900

To develop a digital archive of all of PRBO's scientific papers and reports, which students, researchers, and conservationists everywhere can access. Cost—$7,000

Mainland Operations for PRBO's Farallon Island Program. To replace a vehicle used for shuttling people and supplies to and from the Farallon Patrol boats: a van or pick-up truck; or, matching funds to purchase. Cost—$4,000 to $5,000

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