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Quarterly Journal of PRBO Conservation Science, Number 151, Winter 2008: The Science of Oil Spill Assessment


Bird-A-Thon Update

Securing Oil Spill Data
CEO's Column
Cosco Busan Damage Assessment
PRBO's Oil Spill Expertise
Assessing Population Impacts
Protecting the Farallon Islands
Western Grebe Genetic Study
Schoolchildren Take Action
Focus: A Birder's Library
Views of a Planned Giving Expert
PRBO's New Chief Science Officer
The Grand List
Bird-A-Thon Update

PRBO's 2008 Bird-A-Thon mascot is the Wood Duck. Pictured here is a pair, with the bright male on the left. Photo by Tom Grey, whose many beautiful bird images can be viewed at
PRBO's 2007 Bird-A-Thon, our 30th, was a huge success and earned over $125,000 to support conservation science at PRBO. More than 74 dedicated counters enrolled hundreds of sponsors and spent one glorious day counting: they saw as many as 169 species, including the 2007 mascot, Pileated Woodpecker, seen by several teams in at least two counties. At the Bird-A-Thon awards dinner on December 8th, counters shared stories of finding outstanding species.

Coming Next: Bird-A-Thon 2008!

Exciting new developments are in store for PRBO's 2008 Bird-A-Thon—our biggest fund-raiser of the year. We plan to expand our youth team and hold the awards dinner at our Petaluma headquarters, complete with bird walks and tours.

And a thrilling silent auction item at our May 18th annual meeting will also boost Bird-A-Thon revenues: a birding trip for two to South Africa! See PRBO home page for more details.

Stay tuned for this year's Bird-A-Thon!

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