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Quarterly Journal of PRBO Conservation Science, Number 152, Spring 2008: Public-Private Partnerships for Conservation


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A Lasting Legacy for PRBO

Finding Common Ground
CEO's Column
Avian Monitoring on Private Lands
Natural Resources Conservation Service
Informed Decision Making
Pocket Guides to Birds
California Bird Species of Special Concern
Long-billed Curlew Studies
Safe Harbor for Landowners
Recent Highlights from PRBO
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Bird-A-Thon 2008

Cassin's Auklet chick in PRBO's long-term monitoring on the Farallones. Photo by Annie Schmidt.
Join the Tern Society. Leave a legacy for future generations through PRBO's planned giving program. Consult with your tax professional about the option best for you.

With an IRA Charitable Trust, money goes primarily to PRBO instead of taxes. Leave your beneficiaries funds that are estate-taxed only.

With a Charitable Remainder Trust, appreciated assets can become a source of lifetime support for you—and future support for PRBO.
An intern at Palomarin Field Station measures and bands a songbird.

With a Life Insurance Policy, a small deductible gift each year pays for the annual premiums, and PRBO receives significant support upon payout.

With a Will, you designate real estate or money to PRBO. Estate taxes are potentially reduced, proportionate to the gift.

Lasting gifts
Parent (L) and young gnatcatchers, desert birds affected by drought.

· ensure that PRBO continues understanding ocean and climate change through studies of seabirds, ecosystem indicators.

· enable PRBO to train U.S. and international interns, documenting trends for birds across borders.

· support PRBO studies detecting climate's effects in natural systems. Birds are rapid responders to environmental change.
Touching the plumage of a barn owl specimen on a field trip to PRBO.

· will educate citizens of all ages—and invest in the health of ecosystems they inherit.

Please contact Nancy Gamble, Director of Individual Giving at 707-781-2554 or Thank you!

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