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Quarterly Journal of PRBO Conservation Science, Number 156, Spring 2009: Ecological Consequences of Climate Change


"We have included PRBO in our will... for the ongoing conservation of natural systems that we love and need."

Now is the Time for a Planned Gift!

Nancy Gamble

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With increasing uncertainties in our economy, many of us are more cautious about our charitable giving than ever before. At the same time, we face increasing ecological uncertainties (per this Observer).

Your generosity to PRBO is needed more than ever. Fortunately, you can continue to support our vital work for the long term through planned giving!
Geoff Geupel.

By adding PRBO to your estate plans, you will be joining others who want to secure PRBO's ability to conserve birds and ecosystems. Geoff Geupel and his wife Janet Kjelmyr are among those who have chosen to invest in PRBO's future.

Geoff, Director of Terrestrial Ecology at PRBO, has spent almost 30 years monitoring changes in bird populations and building conservation partnerships. Based at our Palomarin Field Station, Geoff has trained hundreds of field biology interns, launching many young scientists into lifelong conservation careers.

Geoff and Janet included PRBO in their estate plans because, as Geoff says, "Our daughters and their children will benefit most from the work PRBO is doing today. All of our efforts—at Palomarin, the Farallones, the Central Valley and elsewhere—are focused on preserving biodiversity. We have included PRBO in our will because PRBO's science is an unmatched resource for the ongoing conservation of natural systems that we love and need."
Wrentit. Photo by Tom Grey.

Transform your passion for birds and the natural world into a gift that provides a legacy for future generations. By making your wishes known through an estate gift or charitable bequest to PRBO, you can make a lasting difference for birds and the environment. Like Geoff and Janet, you too can make a significant contribution towards protecting the natural world for future generations. Let us help you explore the many ways you can make a lasting gift to PRBO's acclaimed conservation science today!
Young northern elephant seal. PRBO photo.

Leave a Lasting Conservation Legacy. If you would like to support PRBO's work and also retain control of your assets during your lifetime, you might consider a charitable bequest.

Put your IRA to Work for Nature—2009 Only! If you are 70 or older temporary legislation allows you to make cash gifts, totaling up to $100,000, from your traditional or Roth IRA to qualified charities without incurring income tax on the withdrawal. This provision is effective for the 2009 tax year only!
Wetland habitat. PRBO photo.

Improving Conservation with a Gift of Stock. Gifts of appreciated securities can have an immediate impact on conservation and may also provide you with significant tax benefits.

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