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Quarterly Journal of PRBO Conservation Science, Number 158, Fall 2009: Notes From The Field


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Staff Migrations

PRBO is excited to welcome two new members to our Wetlands Ecology team. Both will be instrumental in our partnership work, especially in California's Central Valley (see page 8).

Matt Reiter
Matt Reiter, PhD, is an avian ecologist now leading the design of a new monitoring and habitat conservation evaluation program for shorebirds in California. Matt is already meeting with key partners, especially in the Central Valley, to ensure the new program's successful design and implementation. He is also focusing on the challenges of working in agricultural landscapes, as well as in coastal settings.

Khara Strum
Khara Strum is an ecologist who leads PRBO's project for shorebirds in rice fields in the Sacramento Valley. After a stint with PRBO in 2003, on San Clemente Island, she returns now with a master's degree in biology from Kansas State University. In her new post, Khara will pursue her interest in wildlife conservation in the midst of human-mediated landscape change.

Says Catherine Hickey, Associate Director of PRBO's Wetlands Ecology Division, "Matt and Khara will be integral members of our PRBO team: with their help we are already making great new strides in our cooperative work to conserve bird populations in California."

Julie Thayer has departed our Marine Ecology staff, and we greatly appreciate her work over 12 years, developing PRBO's seabird ecology programs on Alcatraz and Año Nuevo islands. We wish Julie the very best in her future endeavors.

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