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Quarterly Journal of PRBO Conservation Science, Number 162, Fall 2010: The Water Issue


Thinking Globally, Acting Locally: Len and Patti Blumin

A Long-term Commitment to PRBO

Nancy Gamble and Claire Peaslee

California's Water Legacy
CEO's Column
A Shorebird Saga
Willows and Warblers
Profile of Dave Shuford
PRBO Highlights
TomKat Ranch
Len and Patti Blumn
Staff Migrations

Patti and Len Blumin. Photo by Nancy Gamble / PRBO.
"PRBO has a focus that's unusual. Though it has grown over the years and expanded its activities, PRBO remains committed to pure science conducted with objectivity—and also dedicated to the long term. This focus on long-term projects is one of PRBO's most important attributes." So say Len and Patti Blumin, PRBO members since 1990.

How has PRBO changed in 20 years? Len responds, "The most interesting thing is the lack of change. PRBO has stayed committed to its original mission in the most amazing way, not just for a year or a decade but for as long as it has existed!"

It is PRBO's steadfastness through time, among other qualities, that inspired the Blumins to include PRBO in their planned giving. Patti and Len Blumin have a vested interest in the long-term well-being of birds and our shared habitats, stemming from their abiding love of nature.

Len recalls this interest blossoming when he and Patti witnessed huge numbers of Snow Geese at Sacramento Wildlife Refuge--"one of those rare spectacles of nature that makes you stop and take it all in." What's more, the experience fortified the Blumins' conservation ethic. Len says, "Watching 100,000 to 500,000 birds in the air at one time changes your world view, from human-centric to a larger perspective of sharing the environment with so many creatures that are different from us."
American Bittern. Photo by Len Blumin.

Patti adds, "From that time on, we have been more and more enamored with birds, their lives and behaviors, and their beauty. Once you know a little about birds and then discover someone like Rich Stallcup, who has a sixth sense about birds... well, we feel very lucky to have him and PRBO in our lives."

Both Patti and Len have been active volunteers at Audubon Canyon Ranch. Patti says, "My interest in PRBO grew from that involvement: I liked the story of PRBO's founding, and I love PRBO's emphasis on science."

Appreciation for science, the promise of conservation, and the beauty of birds all inspire the Blumins. Len is an accomplished nature photographer, and some of his photos grace this page.

The Blumins choose to support organizations that have far-reaching missions but also a focused impact. As Len puts it, "The essence of how we feel is to think globally and act locally. The meaning of this is sometimes lost, but for us it becomes very real. The way we can make an impact is to give substantial gifts to local organizations to which we have a true commitment."

Len and Patti give high praise indeed when they say, "Not only does PRBO engage in critical environmental monitoring and research projects; they do it with an excellence that is not matched by other organizations. PRBO remains true to its roots—and committed to see that long-term projects continue!"
Sandhill Cranes at Bosque del Apache, New Mexico. Photo by Len Blumin.

With the support of our members, through outright and planned gifts, PRBO will be monitoring the health of bird populations and ecosystems well into the future. We are honored to have earned the Blumins' long-term support and their planned gift.

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