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Quarterly Journal of PRBO Conservation Science, Number 162, Fall 2010: The Water Issue


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Staff Migrations

PRBO extends a warm welcome to colleagues who have joined us in the past several months, as well as best wishes and thanks to recent departees.
Sam Veloz.

Sam Veloz, PhD, joins our Informatics team as a spatial ecologist, initially working on a model predicting the distributions of tidal marsh vegetation and birds in response to sea level rise in San Francisco Bay. In post-doctoral research at the University of Wisconsin−Madison, Sam developed alternative ways to communicate the potential impacts of projected climate change over the next 50 to 100 years. His doctorate in ecology is from U.C. Davis.
Carlie Henneman.

Carlene (Carlie) Henneman is the lead scientist at PRBO's new TomKat Ranch Field Station in coastal San Mateo County (see page 8). She holds a master's degree from University of Minnesota where she studied habitat associations of Red-shouldered Hawks, and she has worked in field biology from Hawaii to Alaska. Carlie also brings strong analytical skills and experience in environmental education. She and her husband Matt Reiter, a PRBO biologist assisting in the TomKat project, live on site with their son Bruin.
Sherie Michaile.

New in the Informatics Division are two software engineers. Sherie Michaile, PhD, studied chemistry and math at Yale and SUNY–Binghamton, where she earned her doctorate. Transitioning into the world of programming and database management, Sherrie brings great curiosity about PRBO's work.
Thomas Fonseca.

Thomas Fonseca comes to PRBO from a career in the corporate sector. An expert programmer, Thomas is multifaceted (a certified arborist, a scuba diver, and more!).
Emily Sanborn.

Emily Sanborn, PRBO's Membership and Events Manager, also coordinates our Bird-A-Thon. Having headed outreach campaigns at the Santa Rosa Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, Emily brings fundraising know-how and a passion for birds and the environment to PRBO's development team.
Heather Kurland.

Heather Kurland, Office and Facilities Manager at PRBO, is the person likeliest to greet weekday visitors and assist staff in practical matters. As a self-described "bird nerd," Heather has a resumé that includes serving as a docent with the Petaluma Wetlands Alliance and a volunteer with the Golden Gate Raptor Observatory.

A friend and colleague who continues to work with us from afar is Diana Stralberg. She led PRBO's work to model the effects of climate change on California birds by 2070 (Observer 156, Spring 2009). With her family, Diana has relocated to Edmonton, Alberta, where she is pursuing a PhD from the University of Alberta. She will investigate the influence of climate change on boreal breeding bird distributions.

Biologist Jennifer Roth has departed from our Marine Ecology Division, and we wish her the very best in future pursuits.

Thanks and best wishes to all PRBO staff migrants!

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