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Quarterly Journal of PRBO Conservation Science, Number 163, Winter 2011: PRBO Partnerships


Board Leadership

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Board Leadership

We are fortunate to have extremely talented and dedicated volunteers leading PRBO’s Board of Directors.
Immediate Past Board Chair Carolyn Johnson.

As Board Chair from 2008 through 2010, Carolyn Johnson applied her knowledge and commitment to advancing PRBO’s vision, creating strong relationships with staff and Board members alike. “CJ” led by example, including as a donor. She and her husband Rick Theis invested in our capital campaign (see Lasting Legacy story in this issue) and established a fund to support PRBO’s scientific publishing.

“It has been an honor to chair the Board during these past three years,” says CJ. “The Strategic Plan, the building pay-off, and all the wonderful science programs have made it a very exciting time to be part of PRBO.”

We are delighted that CJ will now serve on the Board as Immediate Past Chair, continuing her active engagement in the organization she has done so much to build.
New Board Chair Ed Sarti.

We are also very glad to welcome our new Chair, Ed Sarti, an attorney and CPA who has served on the Board since 2008. Ed has already made significant contributions through his Board Finance Committee role and much more. His devotion to our mission and staff is evident whenever Ed talks about PRBO, as he did for our Bird-A-Thon celebration on January 22nd: he conveyed his commitment to achieving our Strategic Plan objectives.

“I am delighted that Ed is taking the helm,” says Carolyn Johnson. “He is a strong and thoughtful leader and will introduce excellent new ideas that will continue to guide the board in exciting directions.”

With the high-quality governance and inspirational passion that Carolyn Johnson and Ed Sarti bring, PRBO is well positioned to make great progress towards our timely goals. Thank you CJ and Ed!

Staff Migrations
Ryan Berger.

Two biologists have recently joined PRBO’s staff, and we welcome them!

Ryan Berger is spending his first winter season on Southeast Farallon Island, leading PRBO’s monitoring and stewardship efforts there in cooperation with U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. He brings extensive experience as a marine research associate with the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission.
Michelle Gilbert.

Michelle Gilbert is PRBO’s new San Joaquin Valley Avian Ecologist. Her past work spans ecosystems from the Caribbean to the Intermountain West. Through the Migratory Bird Conservation Partnership (see page 5), Michelle will work closely with The Nature Conservancy and Audubon California to protect, restore, and enhance conservation areas for birds in California’s Central Valley.

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