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Quarterly Journal of PRBO Conservation Science, Number 164, Spring 2011: Notes From The Field: PRBO's New Groups


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PRBO’s new habitat restoration and education team. Front row, left to right: Emily Allen, John Parodi, Vanessa Wyant, Stephanie Nelson. Back row, left to right: Leia Giambastiani, Patti Vance, Laurette Rogers (program director), Sandy Neumann, Kathleen Brown, Paula Fogarty.
In exciting news for PRBO’s Outreach and Education group, a new watershed education and restoration program, formerly the STRAW project of The Bay Institute, has joined PRBO’s staff.

Under the leadership of Laurette Rogers, “students and teachers restoring a watershed” began 18 years ago—in Laurette’s fourth-grade classroom. The students teamed up to learn about the California freshwater shrimp; they implemented a creek restoration project, conducted outreach projects of their own, and partnered with scientists.

For the past 12 years, PRBO has been an active partner in this impressive and growing program, where students and their teachers help restore riparian (streamside) habitat on public and private lands. School groups complete about 30 restoration projects each year, primarily in the northern San Francisco Bay area but also in the Central Valley. All together, they have restored more than 25 miles of habitat along California streams!

As part of this award-winning program, PRBO biologists help train classroom teachers and monitor restoration sites to document the recovery of songbird populations. Birds are key indicators of successful restoration and of healthier ecosystems that promote clean water, improved flood control, and greater biodiversity.

We are delighted to welcome this great education and habitat restoration team to PRBO!

For more information, please contact Laurette Rogers at

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