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Quarterly Journal of PRBO Conservation Science, Number 166, Fall 2011: Conservation on Working Landscapes


Staff Migrations

Working Landscapes Issue - Introduction
Director's Column: Life Support - a CPR close encounter
Working Landscapes, by Wendell Gilgert
Habitat on Rice Farms - for migratory birds
TomKat Ranch - new partnership
Watershed Restoration - STRAW
Focus, by Rich Stallcup
David Widell - in memoriam
PRBO Highlights
Staff Migrations

PRBO’s staff is growing and changing, as our important work expands.

Two lead biologists have joined our Sierra Nevada group—Brent Campos as Sierra Nevada Projects Leader and Ken Etzel, based in Bishop, as Eastern Sierra Program Leader. Group Director Ryan Burnett says, “Brent and Ken are strong additions to our team working collaboratively throughout the Sierra Nevada.”

Kristin Sesser, Cory Gregory, and Dan Skalos are new PRBO ecologists in the Central Valley, studying bird use in agriculture. With our collaborative projects in the region growing (story on page 6), we welcome their experience and abilities!

The first two Partner Biologists in our Working Landscapes Project are Alicia Young, migrating from PRBO’s Pacific Coast and Valley Group, and Melany Aten, coming to the Sacramento Valley from Reno, Nevada.

Congratulations to Jill Talmage, a member of our Finance and Administration group since 2005, on her promotion to the new position of Assistant Controller. In the new position of Grants and Contracts Specialist, we welcome Karen Carlson, who brings strong contract management and financial expertise, as well as an interest in PRBO’s conservation science.

Two former PRBO interns have become staff members. Megan Elrod, now our librarian and also a biologist in our San Francisco Bay group, and Nathan Elliott, who joins the Climate Change and Informatics staff.

Our new Executive Assistant, David Adams, is “organized, witty, a team player, and a lover of birds and nature,” according to CEO Ellie Cohen, and he has already contributed at PRBO in many ways. Oue newest information technologist, Luis Barahona, is currently working online toward a master’s degree in Computer Information Systems from Boston University; he is bilingual in English and Spanish.

Farewell and congratulations to Chrissy Howell, Phd, a long-time science leader who first came to PRBO as an intern 20 years ago. She is now serving the U.S. Forest Service as Wildlife Program Leader for California and says, “A highlight of my new job will be continuing to work with PRBO through joint wildlife conservation endeavors.” Good news for our growing collaborative endeavors!

Departing as Eastern Sierra Program Leader is Stella Moss, whom we thank for her great work for the past five years. Welcome to all new PRBO staff, and best wishes to those departing!

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