PRBO Conservation Science
Quarterly Journal of PRBO Conservation Science, Number 168, Spring 2012: Notes From The Field


Resilient ecosystems, on land and at sea, sustaining vibrant wildlife and human communities.

A Vision for the Future

Montane Meadows
Director's Column: Words Matter
Working Landscapes
Urban Restoration
Unlocking the Data
"Sea Elephant" Encounter
PRBO Updates
Focus: Whisper Song
Vision for the Future
Farallon Patrol
Board and Staff Migrations

Photo by Michael McCullough / Creative Commons
With your generous support, PRBO has grown to over 140 staff and seasonal scientists with a 2012 budget of $9 million. Our dedicated staff exemplify values central to our success—scientific excellence, open information sharing, and engaging collaboratively to advance more effective conservation.

In the face of accelerating environmental change, we envision a future where resilient ecosystems, on land and at sea, sustain vibrant wildlife and human communities.

Help us realize this vision by including PRBO in your estate plans. Become a member of PRBO’s Tern Society today! Be a part of conserving birds and other wildlife for us and for future generations.

To learn more, please contact Nancy Gamble at 707-781-2554 or For an introduction to PRBO’s Tern Society, see Thank you!

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