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Quarterly Journal of PRBO Conservation Science, Number 168, Spring 2012: Notes From The Field


Board and Staff Migrations

Montane Meadows
Director's Column: Words Matter
Working Landscapes
Urban Restoration
Unlocking the Data
"Sea Elephant" Encounter
PRBO Updates
Focus: Whisper Song
Vision for the Future
Farallon Patrol
Board and Staff Migrations

Two highly esteemed members of PRBO’s Board of Directors are departing our board this spring but will remain closely involved with PRBO. We extend profound thanks to Terry Root, PhD, and to John Eadie, PhD, for their exceptional commitment to PRBO, and we are grateful that both will continue to serve on our Science Advisory Committee.

Staff Transitions

We are very happy to welcome a new member to our development team, Kerri Beeker, who will serve as PRBO’s Major and Planned Gifts Officer. Kerri brings a wealth of experience to PRBO from her role at a national non-profit based in Washington, DC.

Also joining PRBO’s staff this spring is Jessica Lenth, our new Membership and Events Manager. Jessica has worked for many years in the non-profit sector, most recently as Program Director and Interim Executive Director for OBUGS (Oakland Based Urban Gardens). Jessica loves nature and PRBO’s conservation-based science, and we are excited to have her working with us.

Isaiah Thalmayer, a PRBO intern in the STRAW project for more than four months, is now serving on our staff as a STRAW Restoration Specialist, filling in for Leia Giambastiani while she is on maternity leave. Congratulations!

We extend our thanks and best wishes to departing colleagues. For two years we have been fortunate to have Emily Sanborn as our Membership and Events Manager. Her enthusiasm for PRBO has been a joy to members and staff, and we wish her the best in future endeavors.

Sara Acosta will be missed in the California Current Group, after participating in marine studies from Año Nuevo to the Farallon Islands since 2004. Sara also helped initiate the outreach program for Alcatraz Island National Park. Good luck and smooth sailing!

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