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Quarterly Journal of PRBO Conservation Science, Number 171, Winter 2013: Honoring Rich Stallcup

Building on Rich’s Legacy


Building on Rich’s Legacy

Conserving All Things Wild in Our Rapidly Changing World

Ellie M. Cohen

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Ellie M. Cohen. Photo by Nadav Nur, PRBO.
Rich Stallcup’s passing leaves a deep sadness and an immeasurable void in our lives. We are so grateful to have been touched by him, the likes of whom we will never meet again.

While we mourn him, we also celebrate and recognize the vitality of his life’s work. Rich was a true conservation hero. He taught so many of us about the beauty and magic of birds, dragonflies, lizards, snakes, and so much else in the natural world. He was only a teenager in the early 1960s when he helped envision establishing Point Reyes Bird Observatory. Then, at age 20, Rich was hired as one of our first biologists.

PRBO has since grown into an internationally recognized conservation science leader, with an annual budget of $10 million supporting 140 staff and seasonal scientists. Working from the Sierra to the sea and from Alaska to Antarctica, we have quadrupled in size over the past dozen years. Our success is due in no small part to Rich’s decades of commitment and engagement.

Yet there is so much more to do, to make measurable progress towards our highest priority of reducing the impacts of accelerating climate change, habitat degradation, and other stressors on wildlife, ecosystems, and people.

A critical strategy to achieve this urgent goal is to significantly improve how we communicate what we do—to expand our base of support, influence key decision makers, and reach a broader audience. To that end, over the past year-and-a-half our Board of Directors and staff have engaged in a process to assess our core values, unique strengths, and external brand. Our conclusion: we will change our organizational name, revamp and modernize our website, and greatly enhance our public outreach efforts.

We will be finalizing our new name and graphics in the coming months, and we will update you with more details soon. With these changes, our mission remains constant: to conserve birds, other wildlife, and ecosystems through innovative scientific research, restoration, outreach, and partnerships.

A mighty tree has fallen, but this fallen tree “goes on living” through us all—as a poem by Laura Gilpin movingly depicts (see sidebar). Thank you for being part of the PRBO family as we rededicate ourselves to continuing and building upon Rich’s remarkable legacy, with passion, joy, and love for all things wild.

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