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Initial Results

Bird-A-Thon 2007

A team of well dressed PRBO biologists on a Bird-A-Thon quest at outer Point Reyes. PRBO photo.

Stories—and funds for PRBO's independent programs—are rolling in from the 2007 Bird-A-Thon.

A member of PRBO's Board of Directors and Science Advisory Committee, John Eadie, PhD, enlisted his bird-class students to count in the first-ever Bird-A-Thon at U.C. Davis. "It will be a great experience for them," said John. "The students are keen to learn the 350 species of California birds required by our course work, and they all want to make a difference. This is a wonderful way to enable them to contribute to a very worthy cause while learning at the same time—and helping educate their friends and families about PRBO's work and the importance of bird conservation."

PRBO Naturalist Rich Stallcup participated in numerous Bird-A-Thon counts with other birders. On September 26th, he took to the field with the Leica Youth Team, now in its ninth year of participation. Six young counters spent 14 hours with Rich, recording 162 bird species, and raising more than $4,000 for PRBO Conservation Science. Says Rich, "As usual, it was an enlightening, grueling, educational, fun and sometimes hilarious day with birds and good humans: how could one better spend time?"
The ‘Good Lookers' Bird--A-Thon team in the field: from left, PRBO's Dennis Jongsomjit, Renée Cormier, Diana Humple, Mark Dettling, and Lishka Arata. PRBO photo.

A huge thanks to all of our counters and sponsors for making PRBO's 30th Bird-A-Thon the best yet! Watch the mail for your invitation to the Awards Dinner on Saturday, December 8th, from 4:00 to 7:00 PM at the Romberg Tiburon Center.