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The Grand List

For information on how you can help fund the following priority PRBO projects, please contact Nancy Gamble at 707-781-2554 or Thank you!

Marine Conservation in the Face of Changing Ocean-Climate. To support intern field biologists on Año Nuevo and Alcatraz islands, helping PRBO develop effective conservation approaches at an ecosystem level in a changing marine climate. Cost—$1,500/month per intern

PRBO's Reference Library. To develop a collection of books pertaining to climate change. Cost—$1,900

To develop a digital archive of all of PRBO's scientific papers and reports, which students, researchers, and conservationists everywhere can access. Cost—$7,000

Mainland Operations for PRBO's Farallon Island Program. To replace a vehicle used for shuttling people and supplies to and from the Farallon Patrol boats: a van or pick-up truck; or, matching funds to purchase. Cost—$4,000 to $5,000