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Bird-A-Thon Update

PRBO's 2008 Bird-A-Thon mascot is the Wood Duck. Pictured here is a pair, with the bright male on the left. Photo by Tom Grey, whose many beautiful bird images can be viewed at
PRBO's 2007 Bird-A-Thon, our 30th, was a huge success and earned over $125,000 to support conservation science at PRBO. More than 74 dedicated counters enrolled hundreds of sponsors and spent one glorious day counting: they saw as many as 169 species, including the 2007 mascot, Pileated Woodpecker, seen by several teams in at least two counties. At the Bird-A-Thon awards dinner on December 8th, counters shared stories of finding outstanding species.

Coming Next: Bird-A-Thon 2008!

Exciting new developments are in store for PRBO's 2008 Bird-A-Thon—our biggest fund-raiser of the year. We plan to expand our youth team and hold the awards dinner at our Petaluma headquarters, complete with bird walks and tours.

And a thrilling silent auction item at our May 18th annual meeting will also boost Bird-A-Thon revenues: a birding trip for two to South Africa! See PRBO home page for more details.

Stay tuned for this year's Bird-A-Thon!