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Some Partners and Researchers Using PRBO Models

County of Marin

Jeremy Tejirian – Acting Senior Planner, Marin County Development Agency, Planning Department

Spotted Owl "distribution map" for Marin County, California – Used by Marin County Planning Department for project review and to determine whether a site-specific biological assessment is needed.

Value – "Preventing disturbance to Spotted Owl habitat is an important part of our planning process. This model helps us identify potential impacts to Spotted Owls from development early in the review process and evaluate alternatives that will reduce those impacts."

The Nature Conservancy

Sandi Matsumoto – San Joaquin Valley Project Director, The Nature Conservancy (pictured at right about to release two southwestern pond turtles).

Central Valley Habitat Suitability Models – A suite of spatial predictive models used to prioritize sites for conservation and restoration in the San Joaquin Valley.

Value – "Because more than 90% of riparian habitat in the Central Valley has been converted to other uses, it is important that we identify and protect the best that remains. These models are helping us prioritize conservation actions to bring the San Joaquin River, California's second largest river, back to life."


Bill Merkle – Wildlife Ecologist, Golden Gate National Recreation Area, National Park Service (pictured on a San Francisco area outer beach, releasing a banded Western Snowy Plover)

Bird Distribution Models for GGNRA – Spatial predictive model providing distribution maps for bird species and helping biologists identify and protect important areas for sensitive groups of birds.

Value – "A challenge of managing an area like GGNRA is that it is so diverse that it provides important habitat for many species of birds. The models developed by PRBO help us to identify areas that are important to many species, rather than trying to identify areas on a species-by-species basis.

Climate Research

Kristy Dybala – UC Davis graduate student (here holding a White-throated Sparrow, banded at Muddy Hollow in a PRBO monitoring study)

Song Sparrow Population Growth Model – A demographic model that includes the influence of seasonal weather conditions and helps the researcher investigate how climate change will influence coastal scrub bird populations.

Value – "Working with PRBO, I learned how the data we collected can help us understand changes in bird populations. Now these same data can be combined with the results from climate projection models to help us understand the changes we might expect in the future."