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Building on a Legacy of Environmental Stewardship and Conservation

Protect, Conserve, Sustain: Dix and Didi Boring

Kerri Beeker

Didi and Dix Boring.
When we began preparing our will, we both knew that PRBO Conservation Science was one of the charitable organizations we had to include. We first became involved over 20 years ago, and we’ve witnessed the organization grow almost tenfold in size—expanding to become one of the leading conservation research organizations.

We joined because we are avid birders and much of the organization’s early work focused on migratory birds. As PRBO expanded its role and focused more and more on climate change and the impact of development, we became more involved and energized as conservationists.

We are confident in PRBO’s mission. Because this organization has exceptional scientific longevity, leadership in avian ecology research, and the ability to blend organizational skills with the best conservation science, we know that our support will be effectively used and will bring enduring benefits for generations to come.

—Dix and Didi Boring

Dix and Didi Boring are long-time active PRBO leaders who live in the San Francisco Bay area. They care about the ecosystems that support wildlife and human populations, especially into the future!

The Borings’ decision to join the Tern Society by providing a legacy gift to PRBO helps ensure a world with thriving ecosystems and diverse wildlife populations for decades to come. They understand that PRBO relies on support from our members in order to continue our vital work.

For over 30 years PRBO has partnered with members and supporters, people who share our vision—people like you, who understand that only with continuing support can PRBO be effective.

The future is filled with challenges: changes in the climate, land use, the ocean, and more. This only makes our continuing work—such as the new dimensions explained in this Observer—more urgent. If you share the Borings’ commitment to the future and their desire to leave a legacy of conservation science for generations to come, please contact PRBO and learn how your legacy gift, large or small, can help us achieve our goals.

There are many ways to provide support for PRBO through your estate; most have significant tax advantages and some can even provide income to you or other family members. The range of options includes:

• Bequest in a will or living trust. Simple to arrange and you retain control over the bequest.

• Donate stock and other appreciated securities. Contact us to coordinate a transfer free of capital gains taxes, brokerages fees or commissions.

• IRA, pension, or other retirement account (e.g. 401K, or 403B plans) designation. Direct your assets tax-free to PRBO.

• Life insurance designation. Easy to do and requires little paperwork.

• Gift of personal residence. Continue to live in your home and enjoy current income tax benefits. PRBO will receive the benefit of your legacy gift in the future.

Thank you, Dix and Didi, for inspiring us all!

For more information or to discuss joining the Tern Society, please contact Kerri Beeker, Planned Gifts Officer, at (707)781-2547 or