The migration of shorebirds across the globe is one of nature's greatest events and a reminder of our shared responsibility.  It is no coincidence that important places for birds are important places for people. Sandy beaches, bays, wetlands, mangroves, and farmlands along the Pacific and Caribbean coasts support economies, agriculture, and tourism, while providing natural flood control and carbon storage functions.

The Migratory Shorebird Project is the largest coordinated survey ever of wintering shorebirds on the Pacific Coast of the Americas.  It was initiated in 2011 and is a cooperative effort of 14 conservation science organizations (and counting) led by Point Blue Conservation Science to conserve shorebirds and wetlands from Alaska to Peru.

We need your help!

As a scientist, a volunteer scientist, an educator, or funder, you can strengthen the Migratory Shorebird Project team and help us accomplish our conservation goals.  Join this ambitious 10-year, multi-partner research project to help guide shorebird conservation. You will be part of the team protecting shorebirds and wetlands from Alaska to Peru through research for conservation.  

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