Climate change has been on Point Blue’s radar for decades, and now the evidence is becoming alarmingly clear to all: greenhouse gas pollution is making our world warmer, making our oceans more acidic, causing extreme weather events, and creating rising seas. In short, climate change is changing everything—everywhere.​

That’s why it’s now more urgent than ever that crucial conservation decisions keep pace with the rapid environmental changes we’re seeing around the globe—and in our own backyards. For example, we estimate that the Cassin’s Auklet population on the Farallon Islands would decline by 62% over the next 20 years if recent oceanographic anomalies and El Niño events continue. More than half the songbird species we’ve studied in California are now arriving earlier or later during spring migration since 1969. And our research has shown that in the Mojave and Colorado deserts, droughts have eliminated breeding for desert birds.

Because we’ve spent the last 50 years working to bridge science, conservation application and policy, we have a particularly valuable perspective to share about how we can create positive climate change solutions.

That’s why we’ve made the commitment to prioritize our work in a way that gives us the opportunity to do the most good. An important part of that is “unlocking” the data we collect to analyze it and get it into the hands of the people who are able to actually change conservation outcomes for the better. Our goal? The work we do in partnership with others will lead to lasting climate change solutions.