Point Blue has a group of scientists trained and ready to respond in the event of a local or international oil spill.

Point Blue's Oil Spill Response Team was formalized in 1994 under contract with the California Department of Fish and Wildlife Office of Spill Prevention and Response.

Our activities, in the event of an oil spill in California, involve: 

1) conducting “wildlife processing”, which includes species identification, evidence collection, and data collection from all wildlife collected during a spill-- this is used to assess the impact of oil spills on seabird populations, and may be used in legal proceeding; and

2) helping in the field with search and collection efforts for oiled wildlife.

We conduct all of these activities as part of the Oiled Wildlife Care Network (UC Davis).

Oiled Wildlife Sightings Hotline: 1-877-823-6926 (1-877-UCD-OWCN) - call if you observe any live or dead oiled wildlife in California.

Recent Events we've been involved with:

Visit our "Oil Spill Response Tools" page at the California Avian Center for protocols, forms and more.