The rich ocean environment off the San Francisco Bay region supplies abundant food for whales, porpoises, and other wildlife that migrate here from across the Pacific. These same waters are the site of major shipping lanes, with increasing traffic over recent years resulting in multiple whale strikes. We are collaborating with NOAA’s National Marine Sanctuaries to identify whale hotspots and provide recommendations to better protect whales off California and the US West Coast.

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Whale Alert—West Coast is a partnership formed by Point Blue Conservation Science, The Office of the National Marine Sanctuaries, and Conserve.IO, working in coordination with the International Fund for Animal Welfare to help prevent endangered whales from being injured or killed by commercial vessel strikes in the increasingly busy shipping lanes off the West Coast, particularly off California.

Our goal is to ensure the conservation and recovery of these magnificent animals that grace our coastline by engaging nature lovers, fishers, and mariners in collecting near “real time” data on where they are.

Download the Spotter Pro app if you are a trained naturalist who works regularly with a whale-watching business and wants to contribute to our West Coast-wide efforts to reduce ship strikes to whales.

Download  the Whale Alert 2.0 app if you are a whale-watching enthusiast and want to help our efforts to reduce ship strikes to whales.

Download our brochure and species guide with a description of our effort that includes whale profiles.

Visit the Whale Alert- West Coast website to learn more and get involved.

Press Release: Point Blue and National Marine Sanctuary scientists field-test the beta version of a new "Whale Spotter" app