Studying and conserving special-status species, including threatened species and endangered wildlife, helps agencies charged with their conservation and gives us insight into how we can help keep them from going extinct.

As part of Point Blue’s endangered species research, we study the behaviors, nesting habits, population size, and reproductive success of these imperiled species so we can understand their needs and recommend actions to protect them. For example, our studies have shown that some sensitive animals need protection from human recreation such as jogging, hiking, or romps with the family pet. Other research we’ve done has identified different habitat restoration activities to help them survive. And as with all of our work, we are looking at the impacts of climate change on these sensitive species.

Some of the sensitive and threatened species we study include:

We’ve created a website on California Bird Species of Special Concern, through which we help to support conservation for at-risk birds. We have also developed and published one of the first studies assessing the climate change vulnerability of California’s at-risk birds.