Current Status:

Species of concern throughout the San Francisco Bay Area, threatened in California, US Fish and Wildlife “species of concern,”  recently increasing


Endemic to tidal salt marshes of San Francisco Bay

Cause of decline:

Loss of habitat to development-- about 90% of tidal marsh habitat around San Francisco Bay has been lost

Current primary threat(s):

Habitat loss due to sea level rise

What we’re doing about it:

Point Blue has biologists in the field monitoring populations as well as summarizing and analyzing data.  We are working with partners to improve survey methods to increase detections of these secretive marsh birds.  We are informing our partners on how best to restore tidal marsh habitat using our long-term data sets and online tools. Our data shows that efforts to conserve and restore habitat suitable for the Black Rail may be working, with slight increases in the population.  Recent increases give hope for this State-listed species.

Learn more:

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How you can help:

Visit the threats and actions section of the tidal marsh feature inThe State of the Birds San Francisco Bay 2011