Current status:

Species of Conservation Concern by the USFWS


wetlands, intertidal, and grasslands, agricultural lands, especially alfalfa, pastures and post-harvest rice fields.

Cause of decline:

loss of grassland and wetland habitat

Current primary threats:

projected effects of climate change on grassland and wetland habitat; continued loss of habitat; changing agricultural practices to something unfavorable to curlews or urbanization of agricultural lands

What we’re doing about it:

Point Blue is working with rice and alfalfa farmers in California’s Central Valley to facilitate management for curlew and other shorebird habitat as well as human agricultural needs.  Tracking curlews through different methods including radio telemetry to determine feeding and nesting hotspots.

Learn more:

Download a copy of the Pocket Guide to San Francisco Bay Birds

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Download our Helping Birds on West Coast Beaches handout.

How you can help:

Support conservation of wetland, intertidal and grassland habitats.

Support conservation partnerships between agicultural producers and conservation biologists.