Current Status:

Federally Threatened since 1993, California Bird Species of Special Concern; sharp decline from early 1970’s until early 2000’s, since early 2000’s population increasing


Coastal beaches and open sandy coastal areas, sparsely vegetated dues, salt pans at lagoons and estuaries, some other open areas

Cause of decline:

Coastal development, habitat loss and alteration, predation by introduced species, and recreational disturbance at beaches

Current primary threats:

Habitat loss, increased predation, recreational disturbance of nesting birds

What we’re doing about it:

Point Blue is monitoring, guiding management, and doing education and outreach.  Read more about our Snowy Plover Conservation Program.

Learn more: 

Visit The State of the Birds San Francisco Bay 2011 and reading the reports and publications in the how you can help section below.

Download a copy of our Pocket Guide to Beach Birds of California.

Download our Helping Birds on West Coast Beaches handout.

How you can help:

Visit The State of the Birds San Francisco Bay 2011 to view threats and conservation actions for the Western Snowy Plover.

Visit the US Fish and Wildlife Service’s Snowy Plover species page.