More than 600 species of birds call California home and depend on a diversity of habitats as they travel along the Pacific Flyway, a superhighway for birds migrating between Alaska and Patagonia. Nevertheless, even though California continues to be a haven for migratory birds, the state has seen a steep decline in habitat over the past 150 years. Less than 10% of the state’s original wetland habitat remains today, and the threat of losing more habitat persists.

By enhancing the places where these birds rest, feed, and breed – and creating new ones – The Migratory Bird Conservation Partnership honors our natural legacy and is reversing the declines that many of these populations have been experiencing.

The Migratory Bird Conservation Partnership is a collaboration among Audubon California, The Nature Conservancy, and Point Blue Conservation Science with the primary goal to protect the wetlands and agricultural lands that support migratory bird populations in California.  Combining the experience and expertise of these three leaders in bird conservation, the  Partnership is working to:

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