About 50% of future viable habitat for birds and other wildlife in California will be on private lands.  Private lands often have the best soils, the most water and the best growing seasons.  Point Blue's Rangeland Watershed Program embraces the huge potential for conservation on food-producing lands in California.

Point Blue is collaborating with the Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS), several other partners, and ranchers to improve foothill rangeland watersheds in the Sacramento Valley after decades of degradation and future projections of severe drought. 

As part of this initiative, we are hiring partner biologists who work hand-in-hand with NRCS conservationists and ranchers to restore nature’s benefits ecologically and economically.  So far we have hired five great people to fill these positions.  Over the next five years, we intend to hire a total of 21 Partner Biologists and enhance 1.1 million acres of California’s grazing lands—increasing natural water storage equivalent to two Hetch Hetchy reservoirs and sequestering millions of tons of atmospheric carbon.

We're also participating in the California Rangeland Conservation Coalition.

By helping ranchers apply prescribed rangeland grazing and management practices with support from NRCS Farm Bill habitat incentive programs, Point Blue and partners are increasing soil water retention in the foothill watersheds, improving water supply reliability downstream, enhancing ranching productivity, and expanding riparian and wetland habitat for migratory birds and other wildlife.

Read more about our partnership with California Rangeland Watershed Laboratory at UC Davis to evaluate management practices on ranches in three watersheds in northcentral California.