Every fifty seconds, California welcomes a new resident, and most of these make livings along the coast. 

California’s Coast, the third largest in the nation, spans 840 miles and, as such, contains highly diverse natural communities, from desert conditions in the south to rainforests in the north.  As a whole, California hosts one of the world's most dramatic coastlines with beaches, dunes, estuaries, lagoons, forests, grasslands, chaparral, and streams.  Such habitat diversity is home to one of the most diverse places on the planet with many species that occur only here.

Because of fine weather and great beauty, California’s coast has a burgeoning human population.  Population growth begets development which has had the largest and most profound environmental impact on the California coast, especially in the southern region.  Sea level rise and increasing storms will stress the natural and human communities along the coast and the need for environmental solutions to benefit both are sorely needed.

Point Blue’s work is primarily in the central portion of the coast – from Ventura to Marin County, where we partner with government agencies, private individuals, and other conservation groups.  

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