Carleton Eyster

Snowy Plover Biologist

As a shorebird ecologist with the Pacific Coast and Central Valley Group at Point Blue, I am primarily responsible for coordination of field operations for our long-term breeding ecology study of Snowy Plovers on Monterey Bay. I work closely with regional partners, including California Department of Parks and Recreation and United States Fish & Wildlife Service, to achieve conservation goals that adapt to the dynamic ecological shifts inherent on the California coast.

I have been directly involved with Snowy Plover conservation for over 20 years, since graduating from the University of California at Santa Cruz (UCSC), where I studied ecology and science communication. My lifelong interest in sketching birds eventually led to a Certificate Degree in Science Illustration at UCSC.

I enjoy the many collaborative efforts to help sustain both populations of birds and other wildlife and the belief that people can coexist with these populations. I spend spring and summer in the heart of Monterey Bay and migrate to the forests north of Davenport, CA, where I like to hunt wild mushrooms in fall and winter. I play traditional Irish music any time of year.