Elaina Cromer

Mariposa Partner Biologist

As a Partner Biologist for the Rangeland Watershed Initiative, I work closely with the USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) staff and to serve private land owners in Mariposa County. Using the USDA Farm Bill incentive programs, and by providing my knowledge of the ecological relationships that exist on the land, I address individual land owner resource concerns while improving the overall health of the land and ecosystems.

Having grown up exploring fields, forests, and streams in Ohio and learning about nocturnal animals and raptors through nature camps, I innately developed a passion for wildlife and the outdoors. I earned my B.S. in Animal Science, with minors in Biology and Rangeland Management, and my M.S. in Agriculture from Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo. My research focused on the digestibility of California annual and perennial grasses in cattle.

Following the completion of my education I traveled Europe and herded sheep in Molise, Italy. I also volunteered in Scotland where I learned composting techniques developed by the Biodynamics Association. In summer of 2018 I managed mineral palatability trials with the Utah State University sheep herd. Additionally I was involved with various other types of research on cattle grazing. My goal is to learn and educate, and build upon the connections between people, animals, and the land so that we can create sustainable future generations.

In Mariposa, you may find me running, biking, hiking, hammocking, cooking, birding, painting watercolors, and enjoying the community.