Taylor Fridrich

Madera Partner Biologist

As a partner biologist with Point Blue’s Rangeland Watershed Initiative I partner closely with NRCS to serve Madera County’s agricultural producers. RWI supports landowners in the conservation of soils, water, biodiversity and wild life habitat on working lands.

I grew up in Stockton, CA and in 2013 received my bachelors from the University of California Santa Cruz with a focus in sustainable agriculture. My undergrad was spent working under a network of researchers studying sustainability and soil pathogens in California strawberry production and I have worked within agriculture ever since. In the years following, I dedicated my time to working in Montana watershed conservation, managing farmers markets and working as a farm hand on small diversified vegetable operations.

When I’m not running around the San Joaquin Valley you can find me exploring the Sierras, spending time with my sister and niece, and visiting loved ones in Montana.