Tuesday, March 9th, 2021

Live from the Lab: 2020 Wrap and Trivia

Facebook Live

11am - 11:40am

Facebook Live

For our 7th and final livestream with Olivia and Rebecca as our hosts we wanted to do a little 2020 wrap up and fill you in on some of the data results from this past year! During this live we will discuss the dominate prey item found in the diet of all three seabirds we study, how it relates to the breeding productivity during that year, and compare these results to past years. We’ll also have a little trivia game (prize for the winner) throughout the live for all of you loyal viewers, with questions relating to our past livestreams and a Q&A with Olivia and Rebecca as their positions come to an end. Sea you there!

Join us via Facebook Live. RSVP here.

To watch the livestream off of Facebook, visit our Oceans web page on the day of the event. Note that you won’t be able to interact with us live unless you’re joining via Facebook, but you are welcome to email us questions via and we’ll do our best to follow up with you. Scroll down on our events page to view recordings of our past livestream events.