23 FEB

Tuesday, February 23rd, 2021

Live from the Lab: California Sea Lion Diet

Facebook Live

11am - 11:40am

Facebook Live

Poop….again?! You betcha. Only this time, from a mammal; specifically the California sea lion! Here in the marine lab we receive California sea lion fecal samples from the population that resides on the Farallon Islands. These fast and agile swimmers hang out on the island year-round and take advantage of the abundant food source around the islands. By examining the indigestible parts from fecal samples, such as fish scales, otoliths (fish ear bones), and cephalopod beaks, we can determine prey species composition and size of prey consumed. Join us on February 23rd at 11:00am to see the not so glamorous, yet exciting process of studying sea lion diet!

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To watch the livestream off of Facebook, visit our Oceans web page on the day of the event. Note that you won’t be able to interact with us live unless you’re joining via Facebook, but you are welcome to email us questions via and we’ll do our best to follow up with you. Scroll down on our events page to view recordings of our past livestream events.

Photo by Olivia Boisen.