26 OCT

Wednesday, October 26th, 2022

Palomarin Live: Fall Migration

Facebook Live


Facebook Live

Fall is one of two exciting times of the year where movement happens on a large scale for birds. Species have just completed their nesting season and those that have multiple homes will head north or south for their non-breading or winter home. We see new species coming back to winter with us and we see some passing through to other locations. We also detect and record some individuals who get off course each year, which is exciting for us (not so much for the bird who took a wrong turn). There are many specific aspects of this season to consider for conservation. How is climate change affecting weather patterns that drive migration timing? What does habitat connectivity and availability look like for birds as they make their incredible journeys? What obstacles get in their way as they move towards their final destination? Come discuss these and many other questions when you join us!

Visit our Facebook event page to RSVP. A recording of the program will be available after on our Facebook page, here on our events page, and on our YouTube channel.

Photo: Former Fall Palomarin Banding Apprentice Maia Nguyen safely holding a female Sharp-shinned Hawk. Credit: Mike Mahoney.