27 JUL

Wednesday, July 27th, 2022

Palomarin Live: How Many Birds are Fledging the Nest?

Facebook Live


Facebook Live

One of the important components of a bird’s natural history that we track with bird banding is how many young birds are present in the population each year. When we capture a bird and see that it’s skull is not fully developed, it’s feathers are still fluffy, or it still has yellow skin around its beak (aka a “gape”), that tells us it’s a bird born that year and it recently fledged the nest. Counting up all of these observations up over the nesting season gives us a measure of productivity, or how many birds are being produced each year. When you think about the viability of species over time this is a pretty important metric! Learn more and see it all in action when you join us for this Live program.

Visit our Facebook event page to RSVP. A recording of the program will be available after on our Facebook page, here on our events page, and on our YouTube channel.

photo credit: Kim Kayano