18 NOV

Wednesday, November 18, 2020

Science Stories from Palomarin, Episode 1: How Are the Birds Doing?




RSVP here to snag a spot at the table. We also plan to live stream to our Facebook page.

We’ll explore answers to this frequently asked question starting with our decades-long work at our Palomarin Field Station in the Point Reyes National Seashore and connecting to continent-wide bird conservation efforts. We invite you to check out our new web-based, interactive Data Explorer before and after the episode so you can delve further into this broad question.

This episode will feature Point Blue Principal Ecologist Dr. Kristen Dybala as your host, Palomarin Program Lead Diana Humple as your MC, and guest scientists Renée Cormier (Point Blue Avian Ecologist), Tom Gardali (Point Blue Pacific Coast & Central Valley Director), and Geoff Geupel (Point Blue Strategic Partnerships Director/Wrentit Whisperer).

We hope you’ll enjoy this new way to visit Palomarin and will come away with a better sense of the important science stories that are emerging from Palo and how it all connects to some of the biggest conservation challenges around the world.

Wrentit and Song Sparrow art by Palomarin Intern Oliver Nguyen. See more of their art by following them on Twitter @flamingmuffinz and explore their internship capstone project here.